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Information Age Technology

Posted on April 28, 2022 by Grant Tafreshi

We reside in the 21st century. This is a great time. It's the era of the info Age and technology. Communication tools, faxes, cell phones, laptops, PCs, PDAs that retrieve and send e-mails, the web, DSL and modem connections, video conferences, and pagers, have changed today's negotiating landscape. That is a time of accessibility on demand, nano-second technology, and instant gratification.

Technological advances have already been best for documentation however they are less so for negotiations. Such as a fine wine, some negotiations require time to attain their prime. Negotiating, a skill, shouldn't be rushed. There exists a inherently natural pace to the procedure and circumventing that relegates it to base bartering.

The compressed time of today's electronically connected world takes the finesse out of negotiating. If you need to barter, succumb to nano-second technology. In order to negotiate, make face-to-face meetings part of your strategy and save the time-saving technology for procedural matters.

There are times technology is effective. Be sure you utilize it to your advantage. Don't succumb to the expectations of others to take action just to make sure they are happy. You're eligible for your privacy. Use e-mail to press matters forward. Utilize the U.S. Mail to get time. Make an online search to analyze your opponent. Insure you do not have too much info on the 'net'. Don't scan through documents on the screen. Print and read important documents. Invest some time and consider each important paragraph.

Don't give your e-mail address or fax numbers to just anyone. Provide it and then those you need to have unfettered usage of you.