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Digital Watch Vs Analog Watch

Posted on December 3, 2021 by Grant Tafreshi

With the dawn of the digital age, suddenly in the 70's and 80's digital watches were the rage. It signified that the wearer was keeping abreast of technological invention. The first digital watches featured LED screen technology. LED technology consumes plenty of power so the user had to press a button to the opportunity to be lit up. Further advancement were created with the introduction of LCD screen which allowed time to be shown continuously.

Additional digital watches now include an array with functions like stop watch, calculator, alarm and a lot more.

So which sort of watch is better: digital or analog?

Digital watches feature a set of numbers to tell you the moment. They tell you that the time very precisely up to the second and allow you to get accurate information.

Another advantage of electronic watches is that if the watch neglect, immediately the scanning disappears

And you know that it's time to change the watch. However, the long and short hands of an analog watch simply stop moving and you might be misled into believing you have ample time available and miss your appointment. There's just no warning given to you your watch has failed.

On the other hand, analog watches function the user very well also. At one glance, you can roughly tell the time. Analog screens also can tell you if something is incorrect straightaway. An aircraft comprises many instrumentation dials. The aircraft producers therefore have come up with an ingenious idea of building them that needles are pointing north or south to the top to signify everything is in working order.

The pilot can tell whether there's anything wrong just with a single glance. The pilot can easily know something is wrong if he sees a needle pointing down or some other changes in the readings. This applies to the motor vehicle also. Straightaway, the driver knows something is wrong if he sees the needle in the red zone. A digital display doesn't convey if anything isn't right. It's merely a number and doesn't immediately tell the user if things are right or wrong.

We humans are by nature analog creatures.